National dementia concerns solved by a child’s insight…

So there it was stood right in front of us with a definateĀ hint of sarcasm in the tone used. This may actually be the solution we have all been desperately seeking across the world. Well maybe not down to the last detail but there was definitely something in the view just shared by my son to the group of people around our table passionately discussing future woes.Ā It was a familiar sight and unfortunately an all too familiar topic of focus. That was until my son decided to join in and voice his personal opinion on the concerns held regarding the future care provision for people living with dementia.

Like with any solid foundations on which a huge statement is announced with such genuine belief my son started by clarifying his understanding of the topic he was high jacking!


Well we couldn’t really argue with that could we! And actually as his sarcastic tuttingĀ and sighs faded into the depths of his bedroom we all realised that at the least he had changed the way we were looking at the issues ourselves. As the initiative was evaluated by each of us in our own minds it became blatantly obvious that potentially my child’s idea could make a difference.

It was at this point of contemplation that my son slammed open his bedroom door ‘bang,whack,thud’ with the usual gentle and careful manner he had come to adopt currently! He had decided not only were us mere adult beings incompetent of reaching such pearls of wisdom as he had but was now deluded I’m thinking we wanted to hear his ‘Reasons why grown ups never sort anything the easy way if at all!’

As the rationale was stated giving excuse to our failings there is no doubt in my mind that every single one of us sat enduring this realised he was actually indeed correct with his proud and loud, and slightly smug, announcement to the world. He said the reason why adults don’t find solutions ever and only seem to manage ‘it will do for now’ results was due to the fact that we waste all our time trying to complicate things enough so they will fill a chart or graph and then we have a need to share said chart and so then opt for the ‘let’s have a meeting’ option! His final closing addition to the matter was that of him adding,

“Adults have charts and want meetings to brag about their charts during which time the actual issues could have been dealt with. It’s probably because they need longer to do anything now their oldness has set in!”

Such truth and such misunderstanding all within these final sentences further highlighted the honest, frank and even brutal genuine belief behind the insights of children. Where else can we gain such a guarantee of honest unbiased opinions, simplified ideas and insight? Exactly, it’s hard to source at best in our world of ‘oldness!’

Deffinate food for thought. In the meantime I am considering selling my son or trading him in for a nice quiet pet maybe!

Superpowers of a child's view

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