#Permission2Brew @CuppaCare
When was the last time you felt able to have a cup of tea with a patient?


There is no doubt that spending time with patients is beneficial to everyone, but is sitting down and having a drink with your patient culturally acceptable in your place of work? Maria Davison thinks it should be

Tea: the British cure for everything

If you have a good day, you put kettle on

If you have a bad day, you put the kettle on

Community nurse Maria Davison reached boiling point when, working up and down the county, she was routinely quizzed by staff for having a cup of tea with a patient.

“I’m fed up of being asked: ‘What are you doing?’ when what I’m actually doing is using my common sense,” she says.

#CuppaCare is a patient-centred initiative, started by Ms Davison and her partner Gavin Sykes, to draw attention to this grey area in nursing practice. “There are pockets of the country that allow it, and pockets that don’t, so nurses don’t know if they should, even when they can see that it would be a useful thing to do, ” says Ms Davison.