Changeday? What has that got to do with me?

“What’s it got to do with me!?”

I’m pretty sure every person that reads this has heard that statement and felt the negativity hit like a freight train. Sadly when I initiate conversations about NHS Changeday I get this comment from time to time but I LOVE IT!

You see it gives me that opening to flip someone’s whole thought process and attitude on its head. Let me explain, to me these people tend to be ignorant or uneducated about what Changeday can do for them. Human nature naturally makes people feel interest when there’s something in it for them, so let’s for example imagine a Porter.

Porters are an invaluable asset and members of our services but they are not clinicians and as such tend not to get involved in some initiatives because they don’t feel they are relevant. Well here comes Changeday!

So this Porter transports patients from Ward A to Treatment area B, to do this the quickest route is straight through the centre of the hospital down the same artificially lit drab corridors which takes on average 7 minutes. After a conversation with a particular patient about this mundane journey our Porter decides he’s going to do something different (shock, horror, gasp).

One day the Porter decides to take the long way around, along different corridors that have windows facing the outside world. Whilst on this journey Mrs Patient sees a squirrel scurry across the grass, her face lights up with a joyous grin as a memory of a day trip to a country park with her late husband starts replaying in her head. Now during the remainder of the journey stories are exchanged and Mrs Patient starts to feel like a human being again.

The benefit to our Porter, well he got the satisfaction of sharing this ladies story but also a warm and more importantly sincere thank you upon arriving at their destination. The cost of this little change? Simply 2 minutes added to the journey. This one small change made a massive difference not only to Mrs Patient but to every future patient our Porter transported because he simply dared to do something different.

As a society we sometimes forget the importance of the little things and the impact they can have, so I say to these people it has everything to do with you. You can change the little things, you can dare to be different and you can do something positive. You really do have the power to make a difference and all it takes is that one positive thought.