Come on what is Change Day Maria

NHS Changeday is on its way again, here’s a recap of my take on it last year. It wi be interesting to see any differences in my thoughts and feelings so i suppose I better get a current one written!

Dare to Care by @ProudtoNurse

“Come on Maria, what exactly does NHS Change Day mean

in real terms for us?”

This was the question fired by a friend of mine the other day.

I had finally managed to complete my first ever blog and proudly read it her aloud. Needless to say my enthused tone and usual over excitement upon finishing reading it were both brought back down to Earth with the killer noise [SIGH].

‘Do you want my opinion?’ I was pretty sure I had already had it but she continued anyway, ‘Just type your ‘Change Day Chatter’; the blog might still be rubbish but they won’t forget your commitment or passion in a hurry.’ Harsh but potentially correct!

So, I hear you ask. What does NHS Change Day mean for you? Well, for me NHS Change Day is about everyone who cares about the NHS – both staff and public, that’s patients and…

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