Come on what is Change Day Maria

“Come on Maria, what exactly does NHS Change Day mean

in real terms for us?”

This was the question fired by a friend of mine the other day.

I had finally managed to complete my first ever blog and proudly read it her aloud. Needless to say my enthused tone and usual over excitement upon finishing reading it were both brought back down to Earth with the killer noise [SIGH].

‘Do you want my opinion?’ I was pretty sure I had already had it but she continued anyway, ‘Just type your ‘Change Day Chatter’; the blog might still be rubbish but they won’t forget your commitment or passion in a hurry.’ Harsh but potentially correct!

So, I hear you ask. What does NHS Change Day mean for you? Well, for me NHS Change Day is about everyone who cares about the NHS – both staff and public, that’s patients and visitors, inclusive of everybody, thus meaning NHS Change Day, for me; is about you and your loved ones. It’s a ‘call to action’ encouraging people to pledge to do something differently so as to enhance patients, visitors and staff members experiences a positive effect on their journey through healthcare.

My favorite analogy of how I see NHS Change Day is the knock on effect of people having the courage to ‘Rock the Boat’, a wave of change caused by a single ripple in still water.

E.g. A dance school could pledge to promote healthily eating and inspire others to do the same. This pledge, this single ripple could splash somebody who it inspires to rock their own boat (so to speak); make their own ripples and eat healthily also. This could be the difference in this person developing diabetes for example. Then again this ever growing ripple would splash others as the story is shared. Before you know it a decision to ‘rock the boat/challenge status quo has made a tiny ripple into a huge wave, all through people rocking their boats together; team work!


NHS Change Day celebrates inclusion of all not the seclusion of any. It is handing back the reins to our National Treasure, our NHS; and we can all be involved. For example, the local youth club’s pledge to do shopping trips for the older generation through the bad weather may be seen as ‘not appropriate, not NHS, not relevant’; these views couldn’t be more wrong. Let me tell you a story of ‘what ifs’, just imagine…..


– this pledge from the youth club ultimately may lead to Edith not risking the snow this  winters evening, therefore; Edith would not be at risk of falling on the ice walking down the short lane to the local shop.

– This means Edith won’t need to lay freezing in the snow, in pain, unable to move, until somebody comes by.

Now imagine the upset that wasn’t caused because Edith wouldn’t need to go into hospital so she wouldn’t have to miss going to bingo club.

– Edith would not become isolated through being scared to go out again, just in case.

– She wouldn’t even start to sleep in the chair as she didn’t tell the nursing team the fib of having no pain; just to get home to her beloved cat, Oscar.

– In fact, Edith would still be Edith and still be living as she chooses to do.

                          Oh yes and what happened to the others linked to this story?

– Well the man who found Edith hurt in the snow freezing cold, he wouldn’t have had time off work or needed his partners support that night. He wouldn’t have gone through his struggle to accept it was not his fault that he didn’t go out earlier like planned.

– The ambulance that came to Edith that day they may not have been ‘just a minute too late    for that other person’.

– The hospital admin team have needed to sort the notes of the little boy sat crying with his mummy whose turn it now was to see the doctors,

– and mummy could have stopped feeling sick with worry and wouldn’t have forgotten to take her insulin.

– The porter? He had the time to help the lady living with dementia to safely find the right area in the hospital,

– and the nurse? She was able to support the daughter of the palliative lady whom had just took her last breath,

– and this daughter? Well she had luckily just arrived in time to be with her mum at the end.

But imagine…..

– That was only because her husband wasn’t upset as he had not witnessed a lady laid in the snow freezing cold and obviously hurt……

Now looking again at that youth club, we salute you. To one and all ‘Anchors Up’. Welcome on board, now let us fly the flag for #NHSchangeday whilst we sail the rough waters together to reach the golden sands of ‘Change Island.’  SHIP AHOY!!

Maria Davison

NHS Lead Change Day East Midlands

07443 568145


I am the ward sister of Linden Ward,

Bolsover Hospital, Derbyshire Community HPiccyealth Services. This is the first blog venture I have completed yet am very interested in furthering this blogging skill, or lack of! I am passionate and proud of my compassionate care with inclusion for all not the seclusion of any.

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  1. Gabi

    Love this and will try and use it in teaching to not only encourage this campaign yet also to teach realisation of the knock on effects of actions and omissions throughout life. Priceless


  2. proudtonurse

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    NHS Changeday is on its way again, here’s a recap of my take on it last year. It wi be interesting to see any differences in my thoughts and feelings so i suppose I better get a current one written!


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